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  2. publicdomaindiva:

    From a Dippity-do commercial, c. 1960s.

    (via 1950sunlimited)


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  5. nyctaeus:

    Chemical Interactions by Daisuke Yokota

    (via dasie)


  6. 70sscifiart:

    Roger Dean’s claim against Avatar has been rejected. From his Facebook page:

    "I find the factual and legal reasoning in the judgment disappointing and a cautionary outcome for all visual artists and designers, but I intend now to focus on my other activities rather than further argument with these borrowers of my life’s work."
    ~Roger Dean - Official Page


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  11. scanzen:

    Űrtávközlési Földi Állomás (aka Interszputnyik Űrtávközlési és Műholdkövető Állomás), Taliándörögd. Magyar Posta kártyanaptár, 1978.

    Intersputnik Space Communications and  Satellite Tracking Station, Taliándörögd, Hungar, 1978.


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